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Well, it’s finally happened: b10w started a blog! I know…I’m just as shocked as you all are. I’m hoping that this blog will expound on the “micro-blogging” (or whatever term they now deemed for it) I do on Twitter. Granted, most of what I do on Twitter is absorb the information of others and try to build upon the 140 character seedlings people toss about.

I enjoy the work I do. I enjoy the work that I do outside of work even more. I want to look back and say that I kicked much ass and I took many-a-name in regards to my work. I’m not saying that a blog is going to really change a whole lot, but I’m hoping that it’ll be another place where I can post my thoughts, projects, rants, etc. and get some feedback from my fellow geeks that’s longer than 140 characters! Also, if I get to educate/help a person or three along the way – that’d be swell.


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