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The fine folks over at @BacktrackLinux made a great announcement today: the online version of the “Metasploit Unleashed: Mastering the Framework” training course will be released on 09.22.09!  I’m no n00b to MSF by any means, but I know I could learn a hell of lot more than I already know!

According to previous posts by Offensive Security, there will be a free version which will include the PDF and offline labs.  However, if you want to become an OSMP (Offensive Security Metasploit Professional), you’ll need to purchase the videos for a small fee.  All proceeds are going towards a great cause: Hackers for Charity!  If you don’t know about HFC, click on that link and check out Johnny Long’s story!  More preliminary info about MSF Unleashed can be found in this entry on Offensive Security’s blog.


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