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What better way for me to really expand my horizons by leaps and bounds in the realm of social engineering than to have a great resource such as an all-inclusive website focusing solely in this field?! has some amazing authors and contributors – most I’d say are top in their field (Chris Nickerson, David Kennedy, H.D. Moore, and Mike Murray just to name a few) and will bring a ton of information to the table!  Some other notable parts of the site include:

  • The monthly newsletter that’s going to contain “tips and tricks on Social Engineering, Deception Detection, Influence, Neuro Lingusitic Programming, Interviews, tactics, skill enhancers and early bird announcements on some very important industry related items.”
  • The Resources page that contains helpful tutorial videos and tools
  • Most importantly, the Framework – this contains the newest and most innovative information regarding social engineering and is constantly growing thanks to the contributors to the site

Sharing Files Over SocNets??
Ever wanted to share files on your hard drive with people on Twitter and Facebook? NOW YOU CAN! This gets filed in the ‘Are You $#%&ing Kidding Me!?’ category.  From what I’ve read, the PogoPlug device sits on your external USB hard drive and allows you to share whatever resides on that drive.  Can you say P2P via SocNets??  I have a feeling that maybe @Agent0x0 will take this a bit further at some point (I hope, I hope, I hope!)?

New Security Tools Released by Microsoft
HelpNet Security released a quick blurb about the Software Development Lifecycle team at MS releasing two new tools: BinScope Binary Analyzer and MiniFuzz File Fuzzer.  Both I believe are pretty self-explanatory.

Securabit Live Podcast Tonight!
The good folks at Securabit are doing a live podcast tonight (actually…it’s right now) with their special guest: Paul Asadorian from!  Take a listen and learn a thing or two!


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