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Open Source Information Gathering
First things first: you need to download Chris Gates‘ Brucon presentation “Open Source Information Gathering” [PDF] NOW!  I wasn’t fortunate enough to attend Brucon, but I took away a lot of great information from this presentation.  Lots of talking about the use of Maltego and other great sources/sites to help you gather information on businesses, people, etc.  By the way, if you do any sort of information gathering/recon work and you’re not using/haven’t tried Maltego – you need to give it a try!  They have a Community Edition that’s free to use and a license of it is VERY reasonable!  There, I’ve officially whored out my first product on my blog!

Powershell Ping Sweep
I’m a HUGE fan of powershell!  I’m definitely not a master at it, but I can definitely get around with it.  If you don’t know much about powershell or how to use it – this would be a good introduction!  The blog entry at deconstructs the powershell command for a very helpful ping sweep.  Make sure to check their blog often – the next post over there is going to be the powershell version of nslookup and brute-force reverse DNS lookup!

Bank Sues Google After Email is Sent with Sensitive Info to Wrong Address
I’m not going to lie – I’m not a huge fan of Wired.  However, when I read this story it make me chuckle a bit.  Brief summary: bank employee sends an email with sensitive information unencrypted (information that isn’t supposed to sent in the first place) – employee realizes that it’s going to the wrong address – employee tries to contact email owner – employee receives no answer – Bank sues Google to try and get information about the owner of the email address.  Oh, they’re also asking the court that the information be under seal so that the information isn’t disclosed.  Since a good part of my life revolves around compalince, it just leaves me saying that if you’re going to send confidential information: encrypt it!  In this case, don’t send information that isn’t supposed to be leaving the confines of the office in the first place!


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