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Considering I don’t really advertise my little blog anywhere, I’m sure not many folks are out there saying to themselves, “Hey! What happened to that b10w guy?! HE PROMISED UPDATES! *flips computer desk*”  I had a draft that I left unfinished from back in March. I like where was I going with it, but need to put a bit more thought behind it.  I think I’m going to do a series of posts over the next few weeks over how to get security buy-in at your company.  I figure since I’ve dealt with this in some fashion over the past 10 years, I should be able to talk fairly intelligently on the subject and will hopefully get some feedback from other folks.  I think I’ll call it the “InfoSec Back to Basics” series.  Yeah…that sounds dandy.

Well here I am; I’m back and still not having a clue in what direction I’d like to take this blog.  I’ll start by giving a few updates on myself and there may be some security-related items thrown in the mix as well.  I started a new job a few months back and am getting settled in quite nicely.  I have quite a few opportunities and challenges in front of me (read: very big lack of security), but it’s nothing I haven’t dealt with in years past.

In about three weeks I’ll be headed to BlackHat, BSidesLV, and DEFCON 20!  This has to be one of my favorite times of the year where I finally get to see some of my favorite InfoSec folks and see some great talks!  Oh yeah…there are also a few parties to attend.  The fine folks over at LiquidMatrix put together a table of all the parties each year, you should go check it out if you’re going to be in attendance that week!  Other cons of note that I’ll be attending during the remainder of 2012 include: DerbyCon and…well…that’s it.

…and now for a few InfoSec failures since my last post:

  • NeedADebitCard – This one’s pretty self-explanatory after you click on the link. I wonder how the PCI-DSS feels about this one?
  • Flame – LET THE BUZZWORDS FLY!  This little piece of malware came out from under a rock back in May and every Anti Virus/Malware and “Advanced Threat Protection” company started salivating over it.  Some folks even claim that they were the ones to stop Flame dead in its tracks.  That dog & pony show seemed to last a few weeks and then fizzled.



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