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It’s been a busy week for folks like Yahoo! Voices, Phandroid, Billabong, and FormSpring: over 1.5 million passwords have been dumped – some hashed…some plaintext.  Instead of focusing on HOW these occurred, I’m more focused on the public’s reaction.

I’ve been following many of my local news sites and their coverage of these ‘hacks’ this week.  They’ve all been fairly informative, though most of them haven’t offered a lot in the way of helping people check to see if their email was compromised even though some very reputable sites are making this easier for the general public.  I’ve tried to give as much information to these sites about where they can go to check into this information and it seems to be pretty-well received.  What I find interesting is how people are reacting to this news: they really don’t care.  Seeing comments like “[…]if they want to sift through my 1,000s of junk mail, they can have it!” or “I use GMail so I kno[w] I’m safe.”  Granted, this is only a small sample of the general population and there are some folks out there asking how they can check to see if they were ‘hacked’, but I’m seeing more and more comments like the examples given above.

Is there a growing trend of people getting used to this type of thing?  Are they even aware of the repercussions?  What can infosec nobodies like myself do to help educate?


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